How you can identify which delivery company has delivered your letters


Did you know that Posti is not the only company delivering mail in Finland? Currently, there are 15 delivery companies delivering letter mail in Finland. In case of a delivery error, the deliverer can be identified from the markings on the envelope. Letter items delivered incorrectly by other delivery companies should not be dropped off in a Posti letterbox.

For many mail recipients, it is still surprising that mail is delivered by companies other than Posti. This is confirmed by the fact that, each week, consumers drop off thousands of incorrectly delivered letters in Posti’s yellow letterboxes. However, these letters were actually delivered by other delivery companies.

“This year, nearly 100,000 incorrectly delivered mail items have been returned to Posti, even though these items were delivered by companies other than Posti. The company responsible for the delivery is always responsible for any delivery errors, too. Incorrectly delivered letters should have been returned directly to the delivery company responsible for the delivery in question and not to Posti,” points out Kaj Kulp, Vice President, Mail and Direct Marketing Services at Posti.

According to the Postal Act, each postal company must arrange a service for returning mail items that they have delivered incorrectly. If you receive a letter delivered by Posti that is intended for someone else (e.g. for a former resident), you can write “delivered incorrectly” on the item and then drop it off in the nearest Posti letterbox. Posti will then deliver it to the correct recipient. You must never open or destroy an incorrectly delivered letter.

Letter items delivered incorrectly by other delivery companies should not be dropped off in a Posti letterbox. Instead, you should follow the procedures issued by that particular delivery company.

Check the delivery company in question from the code on the envelope

The Postal Act requires that postal companies must mark the items they deliver in such a way that they can be identified and separated from mail items delivered by other postal companies. Therefore, each letter includes a code by which the delivery company can be identified. Corporate letters delivered by Posti have the PRIORITY or ECONOMY marking in addition to the Posti Oy marking.

“If a letter recipient has received another recipient’s letter, the first thing to do is to check which delivery company is responsible for the delivery. The delivery company can be identified from the letter combination on the envelope. If you have not received a letter you are expecting, in practice, you have to ask the sender about it.”

Free competition in letter mail delivery

Corporate letters, i.e. letters sent by contract customers, such as invoices, are delivered throughout Finland by up to 14 other delivery companies in addition to Posti. These other companies deliver letter mail in early-morning newspaper delivery areas in connection with newspaper delivery during the night time, whereas Posti delivers letters in its daytime delivery.

“Competition in mail delivery is free due to the previous reforms to the Postal Act, and there is a low threshold for entering the field,” Kulp stresses.

How to identify the delivery company in question

Abbreviation on envelope Delivery company Delivery area
EB Sanoma (Early Bird) Uusimaa
ESA Mediatalo ESA Oy Päijät-Häme
ILVES Ilves Jakelu Oy Kanta-Häme
KALE Kaleva365 Oy North Ostrobothnia and Lapland
KOJA Koillisjakelu Oy (Kaleva) Kuusamo
KP Keski-Pohjanmaan Kirjapaino Oyj Ostrobothnia
LSTJ  Turun Sanomat (Lounais-Suomen Tietojakelu Oy) Varsinais-Suomi
MALAP Kaleva365 Oy    Lapland
MANU    Alma Manu Oy  Pirkanmaa
MARVA Marva Media Oy Rauma
MASAT Alma Manu Oy Satakunta
PKS PKS Jakelu Oy  Capital region
PPP PPP Finland Oy South Ostrobothnia
SJOY  Savon Jakelu Oy Savo
SLP  SLP Jakelu Oy  Kainuu
VSTJ       Turun Sanomat/Varsinais-Suomen Tietojakelu Oy Salo


Posti’s code on corporate letters is Posti Oy and PRIORITY, ECONOMY or POSTI GREEN. Posti delivers letters throughout the country.