Last-minute Christmas mail has been delivered today, parcels can still be picked up on Christmas Eve


Christmas is the most important peak season of the year at Posti. Nearly 100% of Christmas greetings will be delivered by this evening. Parcels can still be picked up from pickup points on Christmas Eve.

This year, Finns have ordered a record number of parcels and spread Holiday cheer with millions of Christmas greetings.

“I would like to sincerely thank all our customers for a great Christmas season. At Posti, Christmas is a point of honor. We get our Christmas spirit through the customers. This year, we’ve been over 20,000 in various roles serving our customers before Christmas,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, Head of Posti’s Control Center.

All Christmas greeting mailed in time will be delivered by today – cards and letters going through address clarification will be delivered by New Year’s

Christmas greetings, i.e. cards and letters, mailed by the deadline are delivered today.

“We recommend checking your mailbox today, because we are still delivering last-minute Christmas cards, an option requested by our customers. This is a new service we’ve been offering this Christmas,” says Jarmo Ainasoja.

“Unfortunately, due to our human error, it seems now that few hundred standard Christmas greetings will be delivered after Christmas. These cards were in wrong process at first here in Posti. We are very sorry for our mistake.

Items with a wrong or incomplete address go through Posti’s address clarification service. Address clarifications have been made throughout the Christmas season. This year, over 50,000 Christmas greetings are going through Posti’s address clarification.

“The address is the most important piece of information for mail delivery. It’s what we base our deliveries on. We do our best to find out the correct address as soon as possible and our aim is to deliver cards and letters to the recipient by New Year’s,” Jarmo Ainasoja says.

Parcels ordered to pick-up points have been delivered – parcels can still be picked up on Christmas Eve

This Christmas, Posti offers their customers over 1,000 Smartpost parcel lockers, twice as many as last year. Parcels can still be picked up at outlets after receiving a notice of arrival and parcel pickup location via SMS. Posti’s own shops are open on December 23, 12:00 noon. – 4:00 p.m. The Helsinki Main Post Office is additionally open on Christmas Eve, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. Hundreds of Posti affiliates also provide postal services with wide opening hours. A complete directory of Posti’s service points and their opening hours is available at

“Every week of December has been filled with over a million parcels at Posti. This year has been record-breaking. Finns have discovered online stores, and it is reflected in our operations,” Jarmo Ainasoja summarizes.

Posti trucks have also carried 20 million kilograms of Christmas food

Posti is also about food logistics. This year, Posti has transported about 1,000 truckloads, approximately 20 million kilograms, of Christmas food. Christmas casseroles, hams, salads, vegetables and fruit have been transported using temperature-controlled vehicles all over Finland.

We at Posti wish you all a merry, peaceful, delicious Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are at your service once again after the Christmas holidays.