This year’s Easter stamp features a lop-eared rabbit


On February 26, Posti will release the adorable Easter stamps and the colorful congratulations stamps that were inspired by scrapbook pictures. Nature is the overarching theme in the other new stamps: woodland in Nuuksio and birches in the international stamp, a harmonic water scene in the stamp for heavier items, such as printed condolences, and an intriguing Siberian Iris.

Cute bunny's Easter wishes

This year's Easter stamp portrays a bunny. Anna-Mari West photographed her own pet for this 1st class stamp that features a bunny wearing a yellow bow. Elli the bunny is pictured amidst Easter eggs and new birch leaves in the adorable photograph. "I find my inner peace in aesthetic and visual things. Being able to create something beautiful simply makes me happy," Ms West says.

Ms West has a degree in economics, but she moved to the creative industry in order to express herself better. This is the first stamp she has designed. Many of her photographs have been printed on postcards, notebooks and calendars. The products are available in Finland, France, Sweden and Germany.

Lush and lavish Siberian Iris 

This spring's 1st class stamp bears an oil painting of a lavender Siberian iris by Tiina Suikkanen. The artist was surprised to discover how beautiful the traditional perennial plant actually is. "I had been watching the Siberian iris for such a long time I could no longer see its beauty. But as I started examining it in more detail, I noticed the fine colors and shapes it has," Ms Suikkanen says.

This is the first stamp designed by Suikkanen, but she has painted the Siberian iris before, and it is one of her favorite themes. In summer 2014, the Imatra-based artist was awarded the title of the Young Artist of the Year by Art Centre Salmela

Unique nature in Visiting Cards from Finland

International Priority letters or postcards with a maximum weight of 20 grams can be sent from Finland with a EUR 1.3 stamp. The Visiting Card from Finland sheet has two different stamps. The stamp on the left depicts the green and intact wilderness of the Nuuksio National Park. The airy, light green birch leaves in the stamp on the right symbolize clean and fresh Finnish nature. Both stamps are designed by Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi.

"Our natural landscapes offer lots of variation, thanks to the four seasons. Nature renews itself with each new season, and the seasons give life in the north its typical rhythm. The images we chose represent the clean, sometimes rough environment that surrounds us and is an essential part of the Finnish spiritual landscape for many," the designers say.

Printed condolences travel on Wings of Thoughts

Printed condolences and other letter items weighing under 100 grams are delivered 1st class in Finland, with a EUR 1.80 stamp. Illustration by Jaana Aalto, the postcard designer known for her natural themes, is well suited for a variety of items. The harmonious Wings of Thoughts stamp is adorned with long bird wings over a misty water scene.

The image on the stamp is spray painted, as are many of the artist's beloved Christmas cards. In addition to postcards and printed condolences, Jaana Aalto has illustrated children's books and TV series.  

Cheerful congratulations

The new 1st class congratulations stamps were inspired by traditional stickers. This can also be seen in the cut of the stamps: the style is inspired by old stickers instead of the usual indented edges. Graphic Designer and Artist Sanna Mander says that she started the design process of the stamp booklet with her favorite theme among traditional sticker illustrations, the Basel Dove. "It might be carrying an invitation to a nice garden party in the spring, with bubbly drinks and a cake with flower and fruit decorations," she says.

Her illustrations are found in many publications, children's books and home textiles. Sanna Mander's kantele stamp, which was released in 2014, was selected as the second most beautiful stamp in the EUROPA series. 

Image material for the media

All stamps available for sale are featured in Posti's online shop.