The postage fee classes for letters and cards to be combined, new markings already in use in November


- No-value indicator stamps for domestic and international items and for Christmas greeting cards will be published in November

Posti will combine letter payment classes, i.e. the current 1st and 2nd class on January 1, 2017. The new payment indications will already be adopted on November 10 when the last stamps of the year are published. Domestic and international letters and cards, and in the future also Christmas greeting cards, can be sent with a no-value indicator stamp that keeps its value.

- Now you do not have to worry about buying too many stamps for Christmas greeting cards because you can use the remaining stamps for the Christmases of the following years, says Johanna Rouhe, Product Manager of Posti.

Examples and prices of no-value indicator stamps to be published in November:

The domestic no-value indicator stamp can be used as the postage fee for letters and cards up to 50 grams in Finland (cannot be sent from the Åland Islands).

EUR 1.20*

Domestic no-value indicator stamp, Pauper tradition, Alajärvi


International no-value indicator stamp can be used for letters and cards up to 20 g in items sent from Finland to abroad (cannot be sent from the Åland Islands).

EUR 1.30

International no-value indicator stamp, Red cottage


The no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greeting cards can be used in Christmas greeting cards up to 50 g in Finland (cannot be sent from the Åland Islands). The price and last mailing date of Christmas greeting cards will be indicated annually. Christmas greeting cards mailed by the deadline will be delivered to their destination by Christmas.

EUR 0.90**

No-value indicator stamp for a Christmas greeting card, Run my reindeer


*The price will equal the 1st class postage fee until the end of 2016.
**The last mailing date for Christmas 2016: December 14

Domestic 1st and 2nd letter classes to be combined in January

A no-value indicator depicting the map of Finland, designed by Klaus Welp, will appear on domestic letter stamps in the future. The price of the no-value indicator stamp will be EUR 1.20, i.e. the same as the current 1st class postage fee. Most of the letters will still reach their destination globally on the first weekday from the mailing.

- We want to make this as easy as possible for our customers. All 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps will always be accepted for sending domestic letters, Rouhe says. This applies allso to the All-in-One envelopes.

2nd class no-value indicator stamps will no longer be printed but the existing stamps will be sold out. A EUR 1.10 postage fee is needed for domestic items in the 2nd class until the end of the year (maximum weight 50 grams).

The Priority and Economy classes will still remain in use for Posti's business contract customers.

International items still in two classes

Priority and Economy letters with two delivery speeds can still be sent abroad in accordance with international postal agreements. The new international no-value indicator stamp is accepted as the postage fee to anywhere in the world in Priority letters in the lightest 20 gram weight category.


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