Posti and Securitas start regional cooperation in alarm and security services


Posti reaches 2.8 million households everyday and is now working together with its partners to develop new services for the home. Securitas and Posti have launched a trial project for this spring, targeted at the urban areas of Muhos and Ylivieska. On weekdays, Posti's security-trained employees take care of Securitas's commissions in certain regions.

- This nation-wide network of professionals is Posti's greatest strength, as it covers even the smallest towns and sparsely populated areas. This provides companies like Securitas with interesting opportunities to expand their operations. We are eagerly waiting to see what kinds of prospects this trial will offer for both sides of the deal, says Jukka Nivalainen, transportation manager in charge of northern Finland at Posti.

- Through the trial, Securitas wants to try out its possibilities of expanding and improving the readiness of their emergency vehicle fleet. As a nation-wide company, Posti is an obvious cooperation partner for Securitas, states Jan Pilvi, Regional Manager in charge of northern Finland at Securitas.

As digitalization is decreasing the volume of traditional mail, Posti is investing in developing its business in services related to care, security and housekeeping. Posti's network of professionals and our transport fleet cover the entire country, and they can be used for the benefit of companies, cities and consumer customers in many ways in addition to the delivery of shipments and meals.