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Theme also covers arts, traditions and Christmas.

In September-October 2016, Posti will release seven new sets of stamps, containing a total of 27 new designs. Saimaa ringed seal, mushrooms and everyman's rights will receive their own stamps. The stamps will also present contemporary art and the centuries old wooden pauper tradition. Christmas stamps will be introduced from an artwork competition. In addition, a winter-themed stamp suitable for international greetings will be published.

Endangered animals sheet in collaboration with WWF

A new type of 30-copy stamp sheet about endangered animals will be published on September 9. Published in collaboration with WWF Finland, the stamps will feature three endangered animal species from Finnish nature: the Saimaa ringed seal, pygmy damselfly and lesser white-fronted goose.

The 1st class stamps have been designed by Petteri Mattila. The reverse side of the stamps contain information on the species and their protection and the protection work done by WWF.

Everyman's rights in 100-year-old Finland

Everyone in Finland can enjoy nature regardless of its ownership relations. This right is honored by the Everyman's rights stamps in the Finland 100 years series. The booklet containing six 1st class stamps has been designed by Jussi Kaakinen.

- The photographs represent different seasons, the most common natural environments and people from children to the elderly. They like being in nature and know how to act there correctly, Kaakinen says.

The stamps will be published on September 9.

From love to mushrooms

The stamps to be published on September 9 will feature much wanted Finnish forest mushrooms: chanterelle, russula paludosa, craterellus cornucopioides, lactarius deterrimus and tricholoma matsutake i.e. matsutake. Posti has designed a booklet of five 1st class stamps in close collaboration with Sieni-ihmiset ry (association of mushroom enthusiasts).

The designers of the stamps are the legendary graphic designer Erik Bruun, graphic designer Minni Havas, who has a photorealistic style, Sakke Yrjölä, who is known for his fish illustrations, designer Teemu Järvi, who specializes in nature themes, and painter Tiina Suikkanen. The graphic design for the stamp booklet comes from Dog Design. The first day cover and cachet of the publication will be designed by Erik Bruun.

Art Post II

Posti will highlight Finnish contemporary art in a set of four 1st class stamps. The Art Post II  miniature sheet is an extension to the fall 2015 set of stamps. The artists of the stamps are Ville Andersson and Eeva-Riitta Eerola.

- The stamps were originated from Nick Cave's ballad Love letter. The sensitive, hopeful atmosphere of the song shows how much emotion a letter can contain. With the stamps, I want to urge everybody to continue this beautiful tradition: writing letters to each other, Andersson says.

- In painting, I am fascinated by the way in which a painting allows experiencing things and simultaneously interpreting it in many ways. I hope that these stamps will increase people's interest in contemporary art and more broadly in our visual culture, Eerola says.

The stamps will be published on September 9.

Fostering the wooden pauper tradition

The themes of the Pauper tradition stamps, which will be available and on sale on November 10, are the pauperess of Soini and the paupers of Alajärvi and Hauho. Stamps depicting the churches of these localities will also be published in a miniature sheet consisting of six stamps. The stamps have been designed by Anssi Kähärä.

A pauper is a painted wooden sculpture attached to the church wall, with a slot in the chest for donating money. They already acted as pioneers of basic service before the development of the social security system and the oldest of them date from the 17th century. Paupers were popular attractions in their localities.

Christmas stamps through an artwork competition

The Christmas-themed stamps for this year are the result of an artwork competition arranged by Posti and the Finnish Association of Illustrators (Kuvittajat ry). The Christmas greeting for Finland has been designed by Sari Airola from Helsinki and the 1st class stamp by Sini Ezer from Espoo. 

- To me, one of the most important aspects of Christmas is friendship and caring for others. I wanted my stamp design to conjure up friendship and warmth.  I selected classic Finnish Christmas characters, a reindeer and an elf. My stamp design depicts the friendship between the two characters during a Christmas trip, Airola says about the Run my reindeer stamp.

- The theme of the Girl and squirrel stamp is the joy of sharing. My aim was to depict a traditional Christmas atmosphere while introducing a new, fresh element through layout and coloring, Ezer says about the Girl and squirrel stamp.

The stamps will be published on November 10.

A red cottage for international winter greetings

A traditional red cottage in a snowy landscape appears in a 1.30 euro stamp. It is intended for 1st class international items. The stamp has been designed by graphic designer Paula Salviander. Also the Red cottage stamp will be published on November 10.

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