Lawnmower replaced by rake – Posti helps in property management in the fall


Posti develops home services that make customers' life easier. Some of Posti's mail deliverers also provided lawn mowing services in the summer months, and Posti's personnel also became familiar with meal deliveries to senior citizens. From September 14, customers can order lawn raking for two Tuesdays of their choice from Posti's online shop and Posti shops. The removal of fall leaves can also be ordered from Posti.

- Our aim is to offer high-quality home services along our mail delivery routes in Finland. Many people need everyday help, and they may not have time or capacity to do raking on their own. Posti is known by everybody, which lowers the threshold for ordering services. We offer customers easy access to everyday help, says Petri Kokkonen, Head of Posti's home services.

Posti is capable of offering nationwide home services thanks to its extensive network. Raking and the removal of fall leaves can also be ordered for a holiday property situated within one kilometer from a mailbox covered by regular mail delivery.

Highly satisfied customers for the lawn mowing service: "You made my life easier!"

Most of the customers who have ordered the lawn mowing service have been very satisfied with it.

- 95% of respondents to our customer survey would recommend the lawn mowing service to their friends. Our service has helped elderly customers in particular look after their garden, and people hope that we will also provide other similar services, Kokkonen says.

The customer feedback received by mail deliverers is crystallized in the comment of one customer: "Thank you very much for a job well done! You made my life easier!"

Facts about about Posti's home services:


The raking service includes two visits on Tuesdays of the customer's choice in September-November. The duration of the visit can be either 30 or 60 minutes. The service is implemented at the selected time using the customer's rake.

Raking 2 x 30 min, total EUR 40.

Raking 2 x 60 min, total EUR 75.

Autumn leaves transport service helps if you do not have a compost in your backyard. The price of a transport is EUR 40 (incl. a maximum of 5 bags of leaves). In the service, Posti picks up the bags on a Tuesday chosen by the customer.

The service visits are scheduled beforehand as part of the working days and they will not interfere with mail delivery or Posti's other services.

The services are sold on Posti's online shop and in Posti shops in September-November. More information in Finnish at

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