Forward your mail to your summer home or use the Netposti service


Approximately 85,000 households forward their mail to another address during the summer months or order a safe storage for their mail by interrupting their mail delivery during their absence. We recommend ordering the changes well in advance, at least one week before you go on vacation. The easiest way to make changes to mail delivery is in Posti's web services or with Posti's mobile app for smartphones.

- Posti wants to make its customers' vacations as care-free as possible. Customers can forward their mail to a summer address or interrupt their mail delivery to prevent their mailboxes from overfilling and attracting unwanted attention. Posti offers a new service this summer: lawn mowing. The new service can be ordered online and it is for everyone who wants to have a tidy yard and a house that looks like there's someone home while they are away, Ulla Kankkunen, Product Manager at Posti says.

Receive your mail also during your vacation either by forwarding it to your temporary address or by using the Netposti service. You can order invoices, salary slips and many other mail items that would normally be sent on paper in electronic form to Netposti. There are approximately 20,000 Netposti senders in the service to choose from.

Posti's customers who will be spending their vacation at a summer home can also enjoy the summer sales of online shops - Posti delivers parcels free of charge to the right pickup point through the My Pickup Point service.

Choose your mailbox location

In sparsely populated areas, Posti delivers mail to a mailbox that is located in the same group with the mailboxes of permanent residents. However, customers can have their mail delivered closer to their house by agreeing on the mailbox location with Posti. The Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service is available online. The local delivery personnel assess the location suggested by the customer online and send a confirmation via e-mail. Equipping the mailbox with clear name and address labels makes the work of mail deliverers easier.

If you want to forward your newspapers or interrupt their delivery, please contact the customer service of the newspaper. 

Further information for customers:

The prices of mail delivery changes are the lowest when the service is ordered online. In addition to the online service, forwarding and mail delivery interruption can be ordered in Finnish by calling +358 (0)295 535 535 (local network charge/mobile call charge) and in Swedish by calling +358 (0)295 535 536, Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-4 p.m.