The Dudesons’ stamps pull a prank or two


On September 1st, Itella Posti Oy will release a Dudesons-themed self-adhesive stamp booklet featuring all four Dudesons-Jarppi, Jukka, Jarno, and HP-as cartoon figures. Since it's the Dudesons, these will be no ordinary, run-of-the-mill stamps.

You will see something quite unexpected on the stamps themselves and the events taking place around them. A special treat has also been planned for the day of the stamps' release. Stay tuned for further information at the end of August.

The look of the stamps has been created by graphic designer Janne Korsumäki in collaboration with Rabbit Merchandising Oy. The self-adhesive booklet contains four 1st class stamps.

Preventing school bullying with practical jokes

The stamps are part of an anti-bullying campaign in schools, with the stamps depicting the Dudesons themselves as schoolchildren. Daily practical jokes at school are all very well for keeping up good spirits; however, the Dudesons want to remind all schoolchildren that under no circumstances is it OK to bully anyone.             

Printed on the reverse side of the booklet are the Dudesons' golden rules for practical jokes:

What do the Dudesons have to say about their stamps?

It's not just anyone who gets their picture on a stamp, you know. This is what the Dudesons said when asked what it feels like to get their own stamps.

Jarppi: "It'll be so cool to send my Mum a Christmas card with my very own stamp on it."

Jukka: "It's a huge honor to be on a stamp, and it's awesome to see how even my big, fat head can fit on such a small piece of paper like that. The idea of being on love letters and other important messages people send to one another warms my heart."

Jarno: "It feels great, but I'd like everyone to know that the exam paper on the ground can't be mine. I always had straight As."

HP: "It definitely feels good. It is much appreciated. And it's fun to travel around the Finnish countryside, and the entire world, on the back of an envelope or postcard carrying a snowboard." 

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