Santa Claus gets his own special stamp in Finland


In response to public demand, Itella Posti Oy will publish Santa Claus' very own special stamp, which will be on sale in all of Posti's outlets and online shop from Monday, November 17.

The Joulun taika (The Magic of Christmas) stamp is based on Antti Kurola's impressive photograph. In the magical picture, Santa Claus is throwing snow into the air with both hands, and behind the snow-covered spruce tree forest is revealed the city of Rovaniemi. The Santa Claus stamp is a great way to show to the rest of the world where the real Father Christmas is from.

The sales price of this quickly published 1st class Personalized stamp, Joulun taika, in Posti's own shops is EUR 1.80 per stamp. In Posti's online shop, the stamp is sold in sheets of 10 stamps for EUR 18.00 per sheet.

The total number of stamps to be issued is fairly small, 120,000, and therefore all fans of Santa Claus should try to buy their stamps in time.

The last day to mail Christmas greetings sent 1st class to Finland and the Nordic Region is December 18, and December 17 to the rest of Europe. Christmas greetings sent 1st class to Canada and the United States should be in the mail by December 12, and by December 8 at the latest for the rest of the world.

Important sending information for Christmas 2014 (PDF)

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All stamps available for sale are featured in Posti's online shop.