Itella will soon deliver online store products to customers even during the same day


Itella has launched a EUR 10 million online store warehousing and delivery project, through which online stores will receive even better service. Consumers, in turn, will receive the goods they have ordered even during the same day.
Itella has launched a unique automation and construction project in its logistics center at Voutila, Vantaa. The project will soon provide online stores with access to one of the most sophisticated warehousing and delivery systems in the whole of Europe.  The most integral part of the project is a warehouse that will be completed next year and feature robots assisting in the handling of online store orders.

For Itella, the change means expanding its operations from the delivery of parcels to a complete service for e-commerce, which will cover warehousing, picking, delivery and returns. Growing online stores usually take care of warehouse functions on their own. However, the functions are not flexible enough to cope with growth. Itella offers an alternative to online stores having to make additional investments.
"For consumers, i.e. the customers of online stores, the new complete solution will translate into even shorter delivery times.  Soon the customer will receive the goods within 24 hours of the order, or even during the same day. Online stores, in turn, will receive all services even more comprehensively from the same supplier, ranging from warehousing to delivery and returns, says Vice President, E-commerce Aku Happo.

More competitiveness and competitive edge for online stores

With the investment, Itella will strengthen and promote the business opportunities of online stores. The new services will enable Finnish online stores to increase their sales both in Finland and on the international markets.  Prompt deliveries are a competitive asset to many customers.

"We believe that in addition to low prices and a broad assortment, one of the strengths of, too, is prompt deliveries to customers in Finland. We need cost-effective ways of addressing the different logistics needs caused by seasonal fluctuations in the future, too. Itella's new warehouse, for example, which will be completed next year, will address these needs, says Samuli Seppälä, Managing Director of

E-commerce has been growing steadily during the past ten years. The value of online shopping in Finland was EUR 10.5 billion last year, showing nine percent growth from the previous year.