Itella subsidiary Itella Posti Oy to change its name to Posti Oy


An Extraordinary General Meeting of Itella Posti Oy has made the decision on changing the name of the company. From January 1, 2015, the name of Itella Posti Oy will be Posti Oy (Posti  Ltd). From the beginning of 2015, the subsidiary will produce all of the Group's postal, logistics and parcel services in Finland.

Changing the name of the subsidiary is related to the renaming of the parent company Itella Oyj (Itella Corporation), which will become Posti Group Oyj (Posti Group Corporation). By changing its name, Itella will abandon the use of two brands in Finland. Today, Itella operates in Finland under the name Posti for consumer customers and under the name Itella for business customers. As of next year, Posti will become the company's only brand for serving both consumer and business customers. The change will simplify doing business with Posti.

The Group's logistics business operations abroad will, for the present, continue under the name Itella. OpusCapita, a company providing financial management outsourcing and automation services, will continue with its own name as a subgroup of Posti Group Corporation, with strong internationalization as its objective.

A separate release will be issued on how the change of name will affect customers. Information can also be found on our website at the address

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