Itella Posti speeds up the passage of parcels to be declared arriving from abroad


Online store purchases arriving to Finland from outside EU pass through customs. Some of these are stopped by Customs to wait for a customs declaration made by the recipient. This often extends the delivery time.  

In future, items that need to be declared can be received faster by using Posti’s free-of-charge Netposti service ( In the new Posti process, the notice of arrival from Customs is directed to Netposti, which speeds up its delivery. In other cases, the notice of arrival from Customs is delivered by mail with regular mail delivery.

The delivery of the item can also be made faster in the delivery stage by providing the recipient’s telephone number in the customs declaration. The recipient receives the notice of arrival as an SMS message when the item can be picked up from Posti's service point. The change will not affect mail items that are delivered to the home of the recipient. If no telephone number is registered, the notice of arrival from Itella Posti will arrive by day mail, as before.

“Customs clearance creates more stages to the transport of items, which is why we have developed solutions to shorten the passage time of items that need to be declared. The electronic mailbox Netposti and an SMS notice of arrival may shorten the passage of an item to be declared by two days. Customers expect fast deliveries from online stores, and these solutions improve delivery on our part,” says Janne Virtala, Product Manager from Itella Posti.