Itella changes its name to Posti


As of January 1, 2015, Itella Corporation will change its company name to Posti Group Corporation. In future, Posti will serve both consumer and business customers under one service brand. The change will further improve customer experience and clarify the company’s identity as a Finnish postal, logistics and eCommerce services.

An Extraordinary General Meeting of Itella made the decision on changing the name of the group. As of January 1, 2015, the new name of Itella Corporation will be Posti Group Corporation.

“Posti is a traditional and respected Finnish brand that has served Finns with dignity for 375 years. We are proud of our roots and today we are building the new Posti as a modern, customer-oriented and high-quality service provider,” says Heikki Malinen, President and CEO of the group.

Finns have a strong emotional bond with Posti

With changing its name, Itella will abandon the use of two brands in Finland. Today, Itella operates in Finland under the name Posti for consumer customers and under the name Itella for business customers. As of next year, Posti will become the only brand of the company and serve both consumer and business customers.

“Finns have a very strong emotional and trusting relationship with Posti. Based on the results of target group research, the brand of the company needs to be clarified, and the name Posti was the superior alternative. More than 80% of consumers and entrepreneurs find the name Posti more suitable for the company. Under one name, we can offer our customers a more straightforward customer experience and range of services. The change will simplify business with Posti and our own operations.”

The name of the group was changed to Itella in 2007 for reasons related to internationalization. The group had expanded into eight other countries in addition to Finland, and a large part of the operations were other than mail operations. The name Posti was never abandoned; instead, it has been serving consumer customers in Finland all along.

According to Malinen, the model of two brands has not functioned as expected but has caused additional expenses and hindered the company’s attempt to brighten its service image.

Changing the name is part of the vision

Changing the name is part of the company’s new vision, reaching all the way to 2020. The change has been under preparation for a year on the company’s own initiative. The new name will strengthen the group’s identity as a mail, logistics and online store service provider. The group’s mail and logistics operations will focus on serving Finland and neighboring markets.

“I am very excited about this change of name and I hope that our customers will see this as a positive reform. Welcome to do business with us at Posti,” says Malinen.

The group’s logistics business operations abroad will, for the present, continue under the name Itella. OpusCapita, a company providing financial management outsourcing and automation services will continue with its own name as a subgroup of Posti Group Corporation, with strong internationalization as its objective.