Itella becomes Posti with renewed appearance and services


Itella will officially become Posti at the turn of the year. At the same time, Posti will renew its appearance and services to offer an even better customer experience and a more consistent service range to its consumer and corporate customers under a single name.

The name Itella Corporation will be changed to Posti Group Corporation on January 1, 2015. With the change of name, Posti will adopt a new, topical appearance describing its business. The new logo and visual appearance were inspired by logistics services and parcels. Orange, which will replace blue, is the color of post and logistics.

- Our new appearance will link Posti's long history with our new services. The speed line in the logo describes how we make our customers' everyday lives run smoother with quick, easy-to-use services. The letter "i" in Posti represents a parcel. With the changes, we want to signal that Posti has the ability and desire to renew its services, says President and CEO Heikki Malinen.

According to Malinen, the renewal will show not only in the change of name, but also in the corporate structure, business organizations, service content and the service culture. The renewals are part of the strategy published last year, in which the aim is to transform Posti into a modern, customer-oriented, high-quality service company.

Posti has a nationwide network of more than 1,450 service points

The main mission of the new Posti is to ensure that customers' trade, and life in general, run as smoothly as they can. To facilitate the use of its services, Posti will renew its website and build even more consistent, easy-to-use services in the web, for instance. The service point network will be renewed according to customers' needs by offering quick, convenient means of doing business.

- Faced with the sharp fall in traditional mail volumes, we have systematically invested in our service network and logistics. The number of service points has increased by almost 30 per cent in five years, the total number now being over 1,450. Thanks to our broad service network and a uniform appearance, we are close to our customers everywhere in Finland, which will strengthen our position compared with our rivals, Malinen says.

- Our goal is to make our customers' lives run smoother with our services. The growing popularity of e-commerce, for example, means that customers expect Posti's network of service points to provide an even wider range of alternatives for sending and receiving as well as longer opening hours. Traditional mail delivery will become even more diverse, including not only traditional early-morning and basic delivery, but also food deliveries.

A lot of positive feedback from citizens about the change of name

Malinen is very pleased with the vast positive feedback received from the public after Itella reported in August that it will change its name to Posti at the turn of the year.

- At Posti, we are very proud of our company but, at the same time, we recognize public opinion with a humble attitude. Posti is close and important to Finns. We hope that with the upcoming renewals we can strengthen this confidence and simplify doing business with Posti, Malinen points out. 

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Changing the name in a nutshell:

  • Itella Corporation's new name will be Posti Group Corporation from January 1, 2015.In Swedish, the name will be Posti Group Abp.
  • Finnish business companies will be combined into one company, Posti Ltd.
  • The changing of the name will not concern international companies; instead, they will continue with their current company names until further notice and serve our business customers under the name Itella.
  • The new logo will replace the old Itella and Posti signs and neon signs. The new sign and neon signs will be mounted gradually.
  • The new brand will also be adopted on vehicles gradually; we have thousands of vehicles, which means that taping and painting them cannot be carried out all at once. Basically, taping will be replaced during maintenance or workshop visits in 2015.
  • The change of name was launched together with Finnish operators. Brand work was done by N2 Nolla.