From January 1st 2015 mandatory toll tag in Norway


From 1 January 2015 it will be mandatory for all commercial vehicles above 3.5 tonnes to have a toll tag in Norway.

The scheme applies to all commercial vehicles throughout the Norwegian public road network. By 1st January 2015, all vehicles encompassed by this ruling, must have signed a contract with a toll road operator and correctly installed a valid tag on the inside of the vehicle windscreen.

The police, customs authorities and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will monitor compliance with the provision. If the vehicle does not have a valid contract and toll tag, a fine of NOK 8 000 will be levied. The amount increases to NOK 12 000 if the fine is not paid within three weeks. If the violation is repeated within two years, the fine will increase to NOK 16 000.

How to obtain a toll tag

For those of you who already have a toll tag, make sure that: