Stable Lantern is the most beautiful Finnish stamp of 2012


Finns have voted Stable Lantern as the most beautiful stamp of 2012. The stamp is filled with the peaceful wait for the holiday season. Designed by Nina Rintala, the holiday season stamp was released last November. The stamp was an absolute favorite among the voters: it received 2,470 votes, i.e. 12.2% of the total 20,252 votes. The voting took place on Posti's website.

The second-most beautiful stamp was Miika Saksi's lantern-themed stamp from his Autumn Dreams stamp booklet released last September. The stamp got 1,582 votes, which corresponds to 7.8% of all votes.

Teemu Ollikainen's nature-themed stamp The Bothnian Sea National Park was third with 1,543 votes, i.e. a small margin from second place. The votes account for 7.6% of the total number of votes. The stamp, included in a stamp set of Finnish national parks, was released last May.

There was a total of 21 stamp releases in 2012, including a combined total of 72 stamps. Johannes Ekholm's Saimaa stamp came fourth in the vote. The stamp was released in the Europa: Visit Finland set and the theme is based on an old tourism poster. The fifth was a stamp from Satu Lusa's Pets stamp booklet. The stamp has a picture of a playing kitten.

Tommi Kantola, Product Manager of Itella Posti Oy, was not surprised by the results because natural and animal themes are something that Finns always enjoy. ”It was nice to see that HockeyBird, the distant cousin of the Angry Birds, was among the top ten. All four stamps compiled from the artwork of Helene Schjerfbeck, a highly appreciated Finnish painter, were successful," says Kantola.

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