Send Christmas parcels and cards as soon as possible


This year, Posti recommends that customers send all domestic and international parcels and Christmas greetings at the earliest opportunity due to the strike in the postal industry. Owing to the strike, we are unfortunately unable to ensure that all Christmas mail will be shipped according to the normal schedule. Customers are advised to send both domestic and international Christmas cards and parcels in the coming days. Christmas shopping with online retailers should also be completed earlier than usual.

Posti shops open on weekends and in the evenings on December 7-23

During the busy Christmas period, it is worth bearing in mind that post offices operate with extended opening hours, including weekends and evenings. We recommend that you pick up parcels and large letters in plenty of time and during off-peak hours. More details on opening hours are available online at

Route e-commerce parcels to the postal outlet closest to you

This Christmas, picking up parcels is easier with the help of Posti's parcel routing service. It allows consumers to route parcels from online retailers and mail order companies to a postal outlet near them, for example one close to their workplace or supermarket. Postal outlets include Posti shops, parcel terminals maintained by Posti partners and parcel points. To use the parcel routing service, please visit

Correct address ensures delivery

Ensure that your Christmas mail reaches its destination by using correct address information. Precise address information includes:

For international mail, please also indicate the name of the destination country in capital letters.

For envelopes and parcels, also write down the sender's information. If a parcel is sent via a Posti Parcel Point, you must also indicate the recipient's phone number.

Pack parcels correctly, avoid dangerous goods

When sending a parcel, pack it so that it can endure mechanical processing. Christmas wrapping paper alone does not provide adequate protection for a parcel. Posti shops sell a range of packaging materials in different sizes for Christmas presents.

Keep in mind that dangerous goods or objects may not be sent by mail, even at Christmas time. Dangerous goods include many normal household items such as matches, sparklers, perfumes and nail polish.

There are also restrictions on sending smartphones and tablet computers by mail due to the lithium batteries they contain. Sending them internationally is not possible, as parcels containing lithium are not accepted for shipment via airmail.

More information on restrictions on sending dangerous goods by mail:

Different countries have their own restrictions on the content of items sent by mail. You can find country-specific information at

Information on Christmas mail on the Posti website

 The Posti website at provides comprehensive information on convenient services for the busy Christmas period and various Christmas-related products such as letters from Santa, personalized stamps and mobile postcards. The page also frequently updated arts and crafts ideas for Christmas. The recommended mailing deadlines for Christmas cards and parcels on the page are not accurate due to the threat of a strike. We recommend that Christmas mail is sent immediately or in the next few days to ensure that it reaches its destination by Christmas.

Further information

Consumer helpline:
tel. 0200 27100 Mon–Fri 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Further information for the media:

Itella MediaDesk, tel. +358 20 452 3366 (weekdays 9.00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)