Posti offers a new unique credit payment function in Netposti


Over 450,000 users of Itella Posti's rapidly growing Netposti service will soon have more options to pay their invoices. Once the new payment feature has been added to the service, consumers will be able to pay their Netposti invoices directly from a credit account. The credit payment function is offered by the financing company Collector Credit AB.

Netposti is an electronic mailbox for consumers offered by Itella Posti. Consumers can receive and archive official mail, such as invoices, pay slips and letters from the authorities, free of charge in the service.

After the update, invoices sent to Netposti can still be paid through online banking services. This requires a separate login to the online bank. Through the new credit feature, consumers do not need to login to their online bank if the Netposti invoice is paid as a credit payment.

Consumers can also have access to a Collector account by sending a credit application to Collector Credit AB. Before granting any credit, the applicant's credit rating will be checked thoroughly. Collector Credit AB is a Nordic financing company which offers services to corporate and private customers.

"The applicant's repayment capacity is always analyzed thoroughly and according to the situation. Being a financing company, Collector Credit AB's business operations are based on consumers' ability to repay their loans. Therefore, it is obvious that Collector does not grant any credit to persons whose repayment capacity is in any doubt," emphasizes Miika Engström, CEO of Collector Finland.

Customers cannot withdraw the credit granted by Collector in cash, and the credit can only be used for paying invoices sent to Netposti.

"We are developing the content- and bank-independent Netposti service according to our customers' wishes. The new credit function offers consumers a new option for paying their invoices, and is one of the most requested functions. Together with Collector, we can add a new unique service to Netposti," says Tommi Björklund, director in charge of Netposti at Itella.