Innovative Finnish personalized stamp renewed on its 10th anniversary


In the spring of 2003, Itella Posti Oy was the world's first company to introduce a personalized stamp application customers could use to design their own stamps on the Posti website. The personalized stamp service concept has been renewed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the service launch. The new service includes greeting texts, ready-made image ranges, and discounts.

The Finnish personalized stamp service attracted global attention at the time of its launch, and the stamps have been highly popular since then. So far, around eight million personalized stamps have been created and almost 100,000 images have been uploaded to the service. Both private consumers and companies have created plenty of stamps.

150-character greeting and discounts from larger orders

The new personalized stamp features include a 150-character greeting you can use on a sheet of ten stamps. - The greeting text can be for a special day or, for example, the slogan of your company, explains Petri Pohjolainen, Product Manager at Itella Posti Oy.

Customers can design their personalized stamp themes. One of the new features of the service is the concept of ready-made image ranges that include several images you can use for a variety of occasions. We will make new ranges available based on the customers' wishes.

Another new feature of the personalized stamps is something collectors will surely value.

- The stamps are now made with water-soluble glue instead of the previous permanent glue. The water-soluble glue will make it easier for collectors to add personalized stamps to their collections, Mr Pohjolainen says.  

The personalized stamps can be either 1st or 2nd class stamps. You can pay for the products using your online bank or with a credit card. You will get a discount if you order at least six sheets of the same personalized stamps.

Theme suggestions approved more easily

The reforms made to the personalized stamp service make it easier for Itella Posti Oy to publish more suggested themes in addition to the official stamps. The latest personalized stamp theme published by Posti was a stamp sheet called Poliisiautot (Police Cars).

- We receive hundreds of stamp theme suggestions each year, and we were previously able to realize only a small number of them. In future, we can be more flexible in terms of these great ideas, says Markku Penttinen, Development Director at Itella Posti Oy. 

You can see the new personalized stamp service for yourself

Further information

Images for the media 

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Hints for successful personalized stamps

  • The image used for personalized stamps must be good-natured and create value for the stamp and the subject of the photo.
  • The stamp should not promote or oppose any particular views.
  • Always keep in mind copyright issues!
  • Choose well-defined pictures which will draw attention.
  • Crop them closely.
  • Choose your words carefully and use a font that is easy to read.
  • You will achieve the best results if the image size is either 416 x 312 pixels or 832 x 624 pixels.
  • The file format must be JPG or JPEG, and the recommended color model is sRGB.