Electronic data interchange (B2B integration) helps companies with their error management


Companies using the B2B integration service feel they have gained the benefits targeted when they discussed introducing the service. These benefits are faster data processing, a reduction in data interchange costs and simplified error management.

This is apparent from a customer survey carried out by Itella Information in April 2013. The extensive survey investigated the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) services by Itella Information’s customer companies in Finland and Sweden. Its purpose was to gain feedback from the companies that had automated their supply chain processes and to establish the main development areas for Itella Information’s B2B integration solutions.

The Finnish companies that responded operate in several European countries and use EDI in their business operations. EDI is most often used in invoicing, deliveries, purchasing and warehousing, but also in the payments and health care sectors.

The main reason that Finnish companies have introduced the B2B integration solution has been to reduce the workload associated with error management, and, according to the respondents, this goal has been achieved. The clear benefits provided by B2B integration are a reduction in the amount of work associated with collecting and handling errors, a reduction in the cost of manual processes, and faster processing of information. The survey also found that the amount of time that companies spend on their business processes had been significantly reduced.

“The companies also faced challenges, which were usually of a technical nature, such as incompatible information systems. However, this situation will improve as Itella Information plans to standardise the interfaces in its software packages and offer cloud services for electronic data interchange that can be implemented quickly. Itella has also developed the Onboarding software, which makes it much easier to create connections between business partners and ensures rapid implementation. The software enables online message exchange between a customer’s partners and Itella, which reduces the amount of time spent on communications and connections,” explains, Heikki Pulli, Director at Itella Information.

“Itella Information’s B2B integration service is the market leader in electronic data interchange in B2B transactions. Our key goal is to create a joint EDI programme with our customers, which will have a significant impact on the customer’s business development and cost cutting,” explains Pulli.

In the future, customer companies would like to see standardisation of the service, low starting costs, informative customer service, clearer pricing and easier implementation.

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