Changes to postage prices on June 3


The most common postage charges will change on June 3, 2013: the price of a first-class stamp will increase to 85 cents (from 80 cents) and the price of a second-class stamp to
75 cents (from 70 cents). The prices of Posti's forwarding and delivery interruption services and parcel services will also change. The price of the most inexpensive parcel, weighing up to 2 kg, will be €7.40 from now on (formerly €7.20). The price change only applies to postage paid in cash, i.e. not companies' contract services.

Finnish households spend an average of slightly less than €30 per year on sending cards, letters and parcels, which means that the annual increase per household will be about

The pressure to increase prices has been caused by the decreasing volume of letter mail, and general cost increases. The volume of addressed letters sent by companies and consumers has decreased at an annual rate of 3-5%. The price of an individual item is continuously becoming more expensive as the volume of mail delivered is smaller. Prices must be increased, despite the fact that Itella Posti has taken significant cost-cutting measures. Prices must cover item collection, transport, sorting and delivery costs.

- Itella's shipment costs are different in different locations. In remote districts, the costs may be up to ten times those in cities. However, Itella Posti believes it is important to provide consumers with equally priced postal services throughout Finland. Postage is the same, whether the letter or parcel sender resides five or 500 kilometers from the recipient, says Director Petri Aaltonen at Itella Posti.

 The new price list is available website. Price lists are also available at postal outlets.  

For more information on customer services and prices Customer Service, phone +358 200 71000 (local/mobile call rate) Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

More information for the media: Itella MediaDesk, tel. +358 20 452 3366.