Netposti to almost double its number of senders


The sender network of Itella Netposti continues to expand rapidly. A partnership contract signed with the Apix Messaging Oy message forwarding company will add 3,000 new companies to the sender network, which will almost double the number of senders in Netposti.

Netposti's sender network previously contained about 5,000 companies, including more than 600 public administration senders. The companies to be included in the sender network represent many different sectors, such as housing companies and water and road cooperatives.

The expansion of the sender network can be seen in the Netposti customer volume, which grew to over 400,000 users last summer.

- Also in this sector, Netposti grows faster than any other operator in the market. By selecting all senders, the customer can obtain more content in Netposti, says Tommi Björklund, director in charge of Netposti.

In Netposti, customers can receive and archive bills, pay slips, laboratory results and other important official documents, which customers receive one or two days faster than printed ones. In regular customer satisfaction surveys, Itella finds out how Netposti should be developed on the basis of the users' views. According to Björklund, one of the most frequent requests is that Netposti should have more senders.

Apix Messaging Oy is a message forwarding company established in 2010 which offers services for the mail communications of small-scale and medium-sized companies. The cooperative contract with Itella provides Apix Messaging Oy's customer companies with a direct digital business channel to the 400,000 users of Netposti.

- We can now provide our more than 3,000 customers with the opportunity to send consumers bills and pay slips in Netposti in digital format. From now on, we will also provide our customers with the opportunity to send other messages, says Veli-Matti Sahlberg, CEO of Apix Messaging Oy.

Further information for the media:

Netposti is a secure electronic service for consumers. Netposti includes a mailbox, archive, thousands of official forms in electronic format, and facsimile editions of magazines from a wide variety of publishers. The service has approximately 5,000 sender companies at the moment. The service has more than 400,000 consumers as receivers. Over 9 million electronic letters were delivered to consumers through the service in 2011. For more information about Netposti, please visit:

Apix is a message forwarding company which provides services for handling companies' business transactions, such as bills. The services cover material conversion, routing and distribution automatically to digital and physical channels, as well as digital archiving. Apix services are already used by more than 3,000 customers.