Itella Posti to Launch Electronic Mail Delivery in the Archipelago in Southwest Finland


Itella Posti has launched an electronic mail delivery pilot project in the archipelago in southwest Finland. New features in the pilot started on October 22 include the electronic delivery of newspapers, magazines and addressed direct marketing letters through the electronic mailbox. As a result, subscribers living in the archipelago can read their newspapers at the same time as printed papers are in early-morning delivery on the mainland and, what is more, on the day of publication.

- Of course, electronic versions of newspapers have been available for a long time but they may have been difficult to obtain. With the reading application offered by Itella Posti, our customers can read all of their publications and letters without needing to learn how to log in to various services to read different content. Subscribers receive their mail automatically in their electronic mailbox in Netposti, as they would receive printed publications and letters in their physical mailbox, says Tommi Tikka, Itella's Development Director.

Furthermore, electronic delivery enables publishers to produce various versions of their publications alongside the printed newspaper. They do not need to make investments in electronic delivery technologies. All publications are available for reading through Netposti using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This pilot project continues Itella Posti's first pilot conducted in Anttila, Porvoo in 2010. This pilot also provides research information about the needs and wishes of mail recipients regarding the development of mail services.

- The feedback and development proposals received from the Anttila delivery pilot project have encouraged us to continue our development through a new pilot, and to be forerunners together with our customers. It is essential that mail recipients are also involved when developing the most suitable services for them, Tommi Tikka says.

This delivery pilot will be implemented in cooperation with publishers. Those involved in the pilot will receive letters, newspapers, magazines, and addressed direct marketing letters in electronic format as delivered by Posti. Customers can receive letters directly in electronic format from more than 8,000 companies and organizations. Moreover, it is also possible to digitize personal letters. Households participating in the pilot will receive an electronic reading device and the data communications connections required.

Participation in the pilot project is voluntary. Currently, close to one hundred households from Turku, Parainen, and Kemiö have registered for the pilot project.

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