Finnish Spring Stamps Illustrate Trains, Wedding Rings and Flowers



Finnish stamps published on March 5 illustrate trains in celebration of the 150th anniversary of VR. Other pictorial stamp motifs include Easter birds and bunnies, flowers, wedding rings, and spring festivities. Nordic stamps published at the end of March present marine rescue and coast guard operations.

VR 150 Years is a booklet of six self-adhesive stamps designed by Tarja Salonen. The stamps depict trains from different periods from the steam locomotive Ukkopekka to the newest train called Allegro. The stamps present passenger and cargo traffic, as well as VR operations during different seasons. The shape of the stamps has been cut to perspective to give them the feeling of motion.

Easter greetings can now be sent in a fun way using the booklet of ten self-adhesive stamps. Designed by Janne Harju, the Happy Easter! stamp depicts an Easter bird and bunny that are painting an Easter egg – the bird with a willow catkin and the bunny with its tail.

A Stamp for Wedding Invitations

The stamps published this March include a much requested stamp suitable for wedding invitations. The motif of the stamp called Wedding is two golden wedding rings. Designed and photographed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu, the self-adhesive stamp is printed on foil paper which makes the rings glisten like real gold rings.

Spring flowers is a retro-styled six-stamp miniature booklet that depicts liverwort, spring pea, least gagea, lung-wort, marsh marigold, and spring corydalis. The plants were selected for the miniature booklet designed and photographed by Klaus Welp according to visual and scientific values.

Women's Day will be celebrated with the release of a credit card sized booklet of four self-adhesive stamps called Kisses Blown. The motifs of the stamps, designed by Ulla Bergström, were inspired by spring festivities, friendship, and evening gatherings. The cheerful Women’s Day stamps are suitable for many kinds of shipments and greetings.

A Joint Nordic Publication Presents Life at Sea

A miniature sheet designed by Klaus Welp as part of the Marine Scandinavia series will be published on March 21. This year’s theme is “Life at Sea”. Stamps with a similar theme will be released at the same time in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, and on the Åland Islands, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The Norden: Marine Scandinavia 2012 miniature sheet published in Finland depicts coast guard and marine rescue operations.

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