Finnish Christmas stamps for 2012 spread the holiday spirit in new ways


On Monday, November 5, Posti will issue Christmas stamps with two seasonal themes: Christmas tree and stable lantern. The themes of the sheets might be traditional, but the design is all new.

The Christmas Tree stamp comes in a triangular sheet that doubles as an impressive Christmas decoration. Thanks to its special fold, the 20-stamp sheet stands upright like a miniature Christmas tree. Use it to get your desk in the holiday spirit – and to remind you to send your holiday greetings! The Christmas Tree stamp is worth EUR 0.60, which is the special domestic Christmas greeting rate. To send Christmas greetings with this stamp, the deadline in Finland is Thursday, December 13.

The Stable Lantern stamp creates the peaceful mood of expectation that is the heart of the Christmas season. The Stable Lantern stamp, sold in sheets of 10, is 1st class. The stamp sheet comes with Christmas-themed Priority labels which can be used for both international Christmas greetings and domestic 1st class cards and letters. The mailing deadline for domestic Christmas greetings with a 1st class stamp is Tuesday, December 18.

Nina Rintala designed the 2012 Christmas stamp. Nina is a graphic artist from Turku who has previously designed stamps for Itella, including the Church Sleigh Christmas stamp, which was recognized as the most beautiful stamp of 2002. In 2008, Rintala designed the world’s first transparent stamp, Frosty Night, for Itella.

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Technical data of Finnish Christmas stamps released on November 5, 2012 (PDF)