Towards cleaner mail deliveries using natural gas vehicles


Itella Posti will start using six right-hand-drive Nissan Note delivery cars in February. These vehicles equipped with the Bi-Fuel system run on natural gas, or gasoline if required. The Bi-Fuel vehicles, converted in Finland, will be put into service in Tampere, Kotka, Lappeenranta and Lahti.

Vehicles running on natural gas are ideally suited for delivery services in cities and towns. Natural gas does not contain any sulfur or heavy metals and, furthermore, carbon dioxide emissions of natural gas vehicles are about one-fourth smaller than those of similar gasoline vehicles. Other benefits of natural gas vehicles include lower fuel costs and a quiet engine. Bi-Fuel vehicles can be used in similar conditions as gasoline vehicles. Natural gas vehicles are also suitable for use in an extreme cold weather.

Being the nation's largest transport and delivery company, Itella plays a major role in the development of eco-friendly transportation systems. Itella was the first company in Finland to introduce a natural gas-powered delivery vehicle in Helsinki in 2006. Due to positive user experiences and the growing number of refueling stations, Itella has decided to purchase Bi-Fuel vehicles for mail deliveries.

More than 11 million natural gas cars are being used globally, with more than 1,100,000 being in use in Europe. In Finland, there are currently 900 natural gas vehicles.

Itella employs more than 5,000 vehicles that cover about 100 million kilometers a year. An essential goal of Itella's environmental scheme is to decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020 (compared to 2007, in relation to turnover). Natural gas-powered cars are one way to mitigate climate change. Itella also strives to reduce fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions through effective route planning, combining several trips into one, and eco-friendly driving techniques.


More information about Itella's environmental objectives and measures

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