Posten Åland and Itella’s NetPosti services to launch cooperation


New mail to enter NetPosti boxes

Itella’s NetPosti services and Posten Åland, a delivery and logistics company operating under the provincial government of Åland, have signed a cooperation agreement, which means that customer companies of Posten Åland may electronically forward their consumer letters to NetPosti.

The consumers themselves may decide whether they want traditional printed letters, or electronic ones in NetPosti. Posten Åland annually forwards 23 000 000 letters.


NetPosti is a content-independent electronic service where the recipient may receive their official mail electronically, from bills to payslips and to messages from associations.

- We find it important to help our customer companies introduce electronic services. Electronic services provide organizations with cost savings, improve customer service, and are also environmentally sustainable. Consumers are increasingly accustomed to using different electronic services and taking care of their daily matters electronically, so it is natural for them to receive their personal official mail electronically. In NetPosti, messages are safe, and easy to archive, find and delete, which is not the case for many printed archives, says Jocke Nyberg, sales manager at Posten Åland.

The cooperation between Posten Åland and NetPosti will help companies to conveniently and cost-efficiently introduce electronic communication. No expensive system investments are required. The company only needs to notify that it would like to transfer consumer letters, such as bills or payslips, to NetPosti.

- For consumers, this means that they can receive their mail from an increasing number of companies electronically in NetPosti, which is like a traditional personal mailbox in an electronic format. The intention of NetPosti users has been to receive all their letter mail electronically, so that they get the full benefit from handling their affairs electronically, says Pasi Ketonen, Business Development Director of NetPosti Services at Itella.

Additional information:

Pasi Ketonen, Business Development Director, NetPosti Services, Itella Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 820 8808,,

Jocke Nyberg, Sales Manager, Posten Åland, tel. +358 (0)18 636 736,

NetPosti is a secure electronic service for consumers, including a mailbox, seven-year archive, over 7,000 electronic forms, and over 170 electronic editions of magazines from 80 different publishers. At the moment, there are 4,000 sender companies and more than 280,000 consumers in the service. Over 3 million electronic letters were delivered to consumers through the service in 2009. Itella is also expanding NetPosti to include corporate and community recipients. For more information about NetPosti, visit

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