New letter sending policy as of February 1


- New, blue letterboxes introduced for 1st class mail
- Faster 2nd class letter, sending restrictions will be lifted

Changes in Posti's services on February 1:


The updated 2nd class mail is a new option for sending letters

The updated 2nd class mail is faster and easier than before and also more inexpensive than 1st class mail. Postage prices (2nd class: €0.60 and 1st class: €0.75) will remain unchanged.

The update means that 2nd class letters will no longer have the minimum quantity requirement of 20 items, and 2nd class letters need not be taken to a postal outlet and it will no longer be necessary to write the number 2 on the items, indicating the delivery speed, or to put an Economy label on the items. You may submit 2nd class letters and cards to the familiar yellow letterbox. As a rule, 2nd class items will be delivered to the recipients over two nights, that is, on the third working day on weekdays.

- We expect 2nd class to become the preferred way of consumers and SMEs to send their letters and cards. We asked our customers what delivery method and speed would be the best. For 80% of the respondents, it is enough that the deliveries reach the recipients over two nights. The updated 2nd class letter matches that desire very well indeed," says Ulla Seppälä, Business Director at Itella.


1st class letters are marked with the number 1 or the word "Priority" or a Priority label.

Senders may also choose the familiar 1st class letter, mainly delivered to the recipient over one night. 1st class letters should be now marked with the number 1 indicating the delivery speed, or writing the word "Priority" on the item or using Priority labels available from postal outlets. The marking should be made on the upper edge of the letter or card, on the left-hand side of the stamp.

- Marking the letter delivery speed is an important measure for ensuring the delivery speed of 1st class items. Even though our machines will identify all stamps, they cannot make computations required for calculating 1st class postage consisting of stamps of different values. Humans are of course capable of that, but most of the deliveries are processed mechanically. As for me, I carry my Priority labels in a stamp booklet in my purse, says Ulla Seppälä.

Also from now on, letters addressed abroad are marked with either Priority or Economy labels or the respective words, as set out in international agreements.


2nd class items in the yellow box, 1st class items in the blue one

In the busiest mailing locations, the change will be seen in the introduction of blue letterboxes next to yellow ones. If you find both boxes in a mailing location, you should put 2nd class items in the yellow one and 1st class items in the blue one. There are clear instructions on the boxes. If the mailing location only has a yellow letterbox, you may submit both 1st and 2nd class items in it.

If you accidentally slip your letter into the wrong box, it will still be delivered, but the delivery speed may change to that of 2nd class.

Instructions concerning the update have been mailed to all households and companies, and the instructions are also available on Posti's website.


All deliveries are carbon-neutral - for the first time in the world

As of February, all letters, papers, packages and direct advertisements delivered by Posti will be carbon neutral. This feature will be automatically included in all products without any extra charges for customers. The first step towards carbon neutrality is the active reduction of CO2 emissions of mail deliveries through measures taken by Itella. The remaining emissions are compensated by taking part in climate projects that replace the use of fossil fuels and produce renewable energy through wind or biogas.


Transport schedules to be combined - letter box emptying and item submission by 5 p.m. at the latest

The emptying schedules of some Posti letterboxes and some item submission schedules to Posti shops or postal agency shops will change and will be by 5 p.m. at the latest throughout Finland as of next week. Some mailing locations have earlier deadlines for submitting mail. After 5 p.m., you may submit mail at certain locations or letterboxes in cities/towns with a logistically important role in mail item handling.

The change in schedule will make it possible to collect outbound mail from the area's sending locations by using fewer transport vehicles, and will also enable delivery of 2nd class items from the sender to the recipient to be one work day faster.

For the locations and emptying schedules of all letterboxes, as well as the information of Posti shops and postal agency shops, please visit Posti's website at If there are changes to letterbox services, this will also be notified with a bulletin fastened to the letterbox. The changes will take effect on January 31, 2011.


Further information for the media:

Itella MediaDesk, tel. 020 452 33 66 (international: +358 20 452 33 66)


Finland the first in the world to adopt carbon neutral mail delivery