NetPosti gets its 300,000th user


The typical NetPosti user resides in South Finland and has a family

Itella Posti's NetPosti now has over 300,000 users. NetPosti has grown rapidly in recent years as an increasing number of consumers, companies and organizations have started handling their business electronically. The NetPosti service is intended for consumers and small-scale companies and organizations. NetPosti was established in 2001, and its number of users exceeded 100,000 in 2007.

Consumers can use NetPosti to receive and archive e-letters.

- The growing popularity of NetPosti is based on the fact that it makes life easier. NetPosti provides consumers with an easy way of receicing and archiving letters and e-invoices. NetPosti replaces folder archives and piles of paper at home. All important papers are stored where it is easy to find them. NetPosti is the secure, environmentally sound mail system of our information society, says Tommi Björklund, in charge of the NetPosti services.

The typical NetPosti user is 30-59 years of age and a highly educated skilled employee residing in South or West Finland.

- It can be said that a NetPosti user is someone who has a family and a busy life, and so has other things to do than look for receipts in drawers to complete their tax statement. For example, NetPosti users get so many bills and other important documents that going electronic makes a difference. So far, NetPosti has been most popular in the capital region, but we are confident that the rest of Finland will follow suit, says Björklund.

NetPosti sent the happy 300,000th user a product package and movie tickets.

Additional information: Tommi Björklund, Itella Posti Oy/NetPosti Services, tel. +358 50 386 6203, 


NetPosti is a secure digital service for consumers, companies and organizations. NetPosti includes a mailbox, an archive, thousands of official forms in digital format, and facsimile editions of magazines from different publishers. The service has approximately 4,000 sender companies at the moment. There are over 300,000 consumers, small-scale companies and organizations as recipients in the service. Over 5.2 million digital letters were delivered to consumers through the service in 2010. Itella has expanded NetPosti to include corporate and organization recipients. For more information about NetPosti, please visit