NetPosti delivery now has zero emissions


The carbon footprint of NetPosti has been reduced from 28 grams to three grams

The NetPosti service of Itella Posti is now fully carbon neutral. In 2008–2010, the carbon footprint of NetPosti was successfully reduced from 28 grams to three grams. This was achieved by paying attention to the environmental friendliness of the equipment and methods deployed for providing the service. Now NetPosti also compensates for these emissions by participating in climate projects.

- The primary objective of NetPosti and Itella has been to actively reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by taking measures of their own. Now that this has already been done, we at NetPosti also wanted to compensate for the remaining emissions, which are very low, by participating in climate projects. We want to promote a cleaner environment with no compromise. Our customers also regard environmental friendliness as one of the key reasons for using NetPosti, says Tommi Björklund, Director in charge of NetPosti Services.

Climate projects compensate for the use of fossil fuels and produce renewable energy with wind power or biogas, for example. This guarantees that a corresponding emission amount is reduced somewhere else. Compensating emissions takes place in reliable and certified Gold Standard climate projects that include sites reviewed by an independent environmental certifier.

Since February, Finland has been the first country in the world to receive all mail through carbon neutral delivery. All letters, publications, parcels and direct advertisements delivered by Posti are carbon neutral.

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Hanna Kaustia, Environmental Director, Itella Corporation, tel. +358 20 452 1276
Tommi Björklund, Director, NetPosti Services, tel. +358 50 386 6203
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Itella's environmental program

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