NetPosti available on iPhone and Android phones, and tablet devices


Now you can read your invoices and payslips regardless of time and place

With nearly 300,000 users, the Itella NetPosti service is now available on iPhone and Android phones, as well as tablet devices, such as the Apple iPad, through a freely downloadable application. You can read your e-letters received in NetPosti, such as invoices, payslips or customer and membership messages, or browse letters in your archive folder using your mobile phone. In addition, you can monitor the progress of your packages ordered or sent through the NetPosti application.

- Smartphone users want to handle their affairs using their phones. It is not enough that they can pay bills, for example, sitting in front of a computer with an Internet connection, but they need to be able to do the same with their phones or tablet devices, regardless of time and place. With NetPosti, handling your affairs is easy – with NetPosti on smartphones and tablet devices, it is even easier, says Pasi Ketonen, Business Development Director of NetPosti services.

The application can be downloaded and registered using a four-digit PIN code. As a result, NetPosti cannot be accessed by unauthorized users even if your phone goes missing.

The most recent message indicating you have new e-letters is displayed in the NetPosti icon displayed in the menu. You can see quickly and easily if you have new mail in your NetPosti mailbox.

- I believe that users of iPhone and Android phones or tablet devices find it easy to check their payslips or invoice balance wherever they are. In the NetPosti archive, letters are stored free of charge for seven years. Therefore, users can find old information faster than by going through all of their cupboards at home, Ketonen says.

At this stage, bills cannot be paid through the NetPosti application on smartphones.

Further information:

Pasi Ketonen, Business Development Director, NetPosti Services, Itella Corporation, tel. +358 40 820 8808,,

NetPosti is a secure electronic service for consumers, including a mailbox, seven-year archive, 7,000 electronic forms, and over 170 electronic editions of magazines from 80 different publishers. At the moment, there are 4,000 sender companies and over 280,000 consumers in the service. Over 3 million electronic letters were delivered to consumers through the service in 2009. For more information about NetPosti, visit