“Fjeld Landscape” is the most beautiful stamp in 2010


Nature themes appealed to the Finns


The Finns have chosen Fjeld Landscape as the most beautiful stamp in 2010. It was released in November 2010 along with other Christmas stamps. The stamp, designed by Tommi Vallisto, depicts snowy mountains, the magical twilight and Santa Claus riding his reindeer-powered sleigh through the sky.

The winner, Fjeld Landscape received 5,445 votes, equal to over 12% of the total of 45,063 votes cast. The voting took place through the Postia Sinulle customer magazine and Posti's website.

The voters clearly liked nature themes since the themes of the runners-up were also related to nature. The Torronsuo National Park stamp, designed by Teemu Ollikainen, received 5,105 votes, enough for second place.

Third place was shared between Pussy Toes (3,534 votes), designed by artist Inge Löök, and the Reindeer Christmas stamp by Tommi Vallisto (3,531 votes).

Among the 65 stamps released in 2010, the following also performed well in the voting: Autumn, mallard-themed stamp by Asser Jaaro and Wings, a butterfly-themed stamp with a spring atmosphere, designed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu.

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