A new walkout in Jyväskylä - walkouts cause delays to parcel, letter and magazine deliveries in several locations (Updated at 9:30 p.m.)


The mail sorting staff of Itella Posti Jyväskylä left their workplaces today at 8 p.m. The protest continues the stoppages that took place yesterday afternoon and last night in the logistics center in Vantaa and the postal centers of Seinäjoki and Tampere, where the staff has returned to clear the mail backlog. The protests are against the new Postal Act, approved by the Parliament yesterday.

The protests cause mail delays in several locations and also have a minor impact for the whole of Finland. Itella will carry out exceptional arrangements to deliver all items to the recipients as quickly as possible regardless of the delays.

Business as usual:

The impact of the protests on mail deliveries

Itella is sorry for any inconvenience the delays may cause to customers.

The walkouts deal with the Postal Act approved by the Parliament yesterday. The protests are very regrettable for Itella. Although they do not target Itella, the customers of Itella and Itella as a company are the ones suffering. In this financial situation of the company and the changing competitive situation, all measures which weaken customer service and confidence in Itella are harmful and may cause difficulties to keeping jobs.

We hope that there will be no more protests but our employees would use self-control and discretion in this matter.

In case of changes to the status of mail deliveries during the day, we will inform about them at our website at www.posti.fi and www.itella.fi.


Further information for the media: Itella MediaDesk, tel. 020 452 33 66 (international: +358 20 452 33 66)