Itella's transportation services to be refined from the beginning of June: Climate-friendly transportation without a surcharge


Itella's transportation services for contract customers will be refined on June 1, 2010. As a result of this, there will be more opportunities to use individual transportation services. With the same service, you will be able to send everything, from parcels to bigger shipments. The service features and the additional services will become more diverse as well. 

"Our clients' needs are changing and our aim is to develop our services to correspond to these needs even better. The purpose of the revision is to simplify our service range and in this manner achieve improved competitive edge and customer satisfaction," says Aku Happo, director from Itella Parcel Services.

As of June, all Itella Express and Itella Economy transportation services - including packages, containers and pallet - will be produced with the climate in mind. Itella Green will no longer be available as a paid additional service, and Itella will be the first provider in Finland to automatically offer climate-friendly transportations included in the same price.

The remaining carbon dioxide emissions arising from the deliveries will be compensated in full through certified climate projects. Itella Green products are part of the Group's environment program.

Consistent and fast services

The changes will create simpler services and faster delivery of shipments. For instance, Itella Economy shipments picked up from a postal outlet will include more effective electronic arrival notifications as a standard service. Customer returns will be handled smoothly with the same shipment code for delivery and return. Home deliveries, from parcels to pallets, are covered by one service.

"One new feature is that for all shipments delivered direct to the customer, we will always obtain the signature and the recipient's name information into our system free of charge. In this way, the sender will see who received the shipment. Moreover, in autumn, we will introduce electronic signatures to deliveries so that the signature will be saved simultaneously in our systems, resulting in more efficient delivery monitoring," Happo describes the latest service features.

The service update is part of expanding the transportation services outside Finland. The new, shared Itella Express Business Day service is already available in Finland as well as in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Read more about our Itella Green services.

For further information, please contact: Aku Happo, Director, Parcel Services, Itella Mail Communication, tel. +358 40 562 7065, E-mail: