Itella Information’s scanning services expanding to the United States, Canada, and seven new countries in Europe


Itella Information has expanded its scanning services to the United States, Canada, and seven new countries in Europe. Itella Information, part of the Itella Group, specializes in the management of inbound and outbound invoices and financial management.

Itella Information operates in 15 European countries: Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Estonia. Our network of scanning partners now also covers the United Kingdom, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Canada and the United States.

An international company will be able to outsource its entire purchase invoicing process to Itella in several countries. Electronic scanning of paper invoices is an intermediate step towards full electronic invoicing.

"Companies are willing to automate their entire invoicing process. It costs ten euros on average to process one paper invoice, and it takes fifteen minutes. The electronic invoice process takes only one to three minutes. Purchase invoice scanning is currently necessary when a major part of the invoices move further on paper. Itella Information's aim is to speed up the transfer of our customers' inbound and outbound invoicing from paper to electronic and to automate invoicing processes in order to boost the customer company's purchase processes," says Heikki Länsisyrjä, Managing Director of Itella Information.

Itella Information provides services for managing financial information flow and for electronic invoicing, all the way up to the complete outsourcing of a company's financial administration. Through our partner network, purchase invoice scanning can also be done in the countries where Itella does not have its own operation site.

The partner network enables very short material handling and delivery time. It takes one to two days at the most to transfer invoices to the customer's own financial management system, regardless of where the invoice scanning takes place.  Depending on the assignment, Itella can scan purchase invoices in one country, and verify, transfer and forward the invoicing material as part of customer's work processes and financial management in the other country. For the customer this means significant cost savings.

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Itella Information enhances the efficiency of financial information flows and leads the way in electronic invoicing in Europe. Services comprise solutions for the efficient processing of incoming invoices within the organization, and for cost-effective sending of invoices, electronically or on paper. Itella Information operates in 15 European countries with a staff of about 2,000 professionals. Net sales in 2009 amounted to EUR 247 million. The Itella Information business group is part of Itella Group. Further information