Itella Information boosts the digitization of municipalities in Denmark


Itella Information A/S has entered into an agreement with Traen A/S concerning the transfer of all their activities involving Output Management in Denmark including customers and one employee.

- With this agreement we can give the municipalities a major boost in their work to digitize communication with citizens, says director Kim Høgskilde from Itella Information in Denmark.

A political decision in Denmark states that all relevant communication with citizens should be able to be electronic by 2012.

- We need to set digitization in motion in the municipalities, and with this agreement there are no longer any barriers for them. The technology is already in place, and the efficiency gains are there to be seen, Høgskilde continues.

The average citizen receives 5-6 letters a year from the municipality in Denmark, so for each year municipalities can save almost 70 million euros which can be used for schools and the elderly rather than on superfluous paper flows and administration.

- As part of the agreement, strategic cooperation has been established within the municipal sector in Denmark, where Traen is the market leader. With Itella taking over the activities, Itella can really get a good grip of the municipal market in Denmark, says Kim Høgskilde.

At the moment Itella Information is already a significant partner for example both Swedish and Finnish governments in the field of e-invoicing.

Itella Information is Europe's leading expert in financial information management and e-invoicing. Operating in 15 countries, Itella is highly experienced in managing large quantities of invoices.  Itella Information actively supports the move from paper to electronic file storage in all services. 

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Director Kim Høgskilde, Itella Information A/S, tel. 45 29 99 45 02

Itella Information boosts the efficiency of financial information flows and leads the way in electronic invoicing in Europe.  Services comprise solutions for the efficient processing of incoming invoices within the organisation, and for cost-effective sending of invoices, electronically or on paper. Itella Information operates in 15 European countries with a staff of circa 2,000 professionals. Net sales in 2008 amounted to EUR 247 million. Itella Information business group is part of Itella Group. For further information, please visit