Cooperation between Itella and IVANAhelsinki expands: New 'Design Mail’ product line on sale as of January 26, 2009


The licensing cooperation between Itella Group and IVANAhelsinki that started last year is now expanded to new products. New 'Design Mail’ product line is on sale as of January 26, 2009 at all Itella’s Posti stores. Fashion designer Paola Suhonen has designed the product line's seven wonderful patterns, such as ‘Moths’. The product line includes ten products: gift wraps, a De Luxe Telegram, postcards as well as ePostcards and Mobile Postcards that can be sent online or with a mobile phone. As part of the cooperation, an exhibition, IVANAhelsinki: 11 Years, will be arranged in the Post Museum at the Helsinki Main Post Office in August.

Itella celebrated its 370th anniversary last year, and as part of the new brand strategy, we also plan to reform our consumer products with a strong focus on products made in Finland. The first design licensing agreement was signed with Marimekko. The cooperation with Marimekko has been highly successful.

”Consumers are an important customer group for us, and Itella annually delivers approximately a billion messages and packages from private persons to addresses all around the world,” says Director Tarja Pääkkönen, a member of the Itella Group Board of Directors. “70 million postcards are sent annually through Itella. This was the starting point for an idea to dress these messages using Finnish design and offer strong stories about Finland at the same time. With the reformed product selection, we want to encourage Finns to express their feelings and messages using both the traditional and new methods.”

”The cooperation between Itella and IVANAhelsinki is an extensive cooperation method between two companies rooted in Finland,” Pääkkönen continues. “The design of IVANAhelsinki proudly crystallizes the essential features of being Finnish. I believe that ethical luxury, the Fennofolk design, will become a major success globally as well. We are enthusiastic about the cooperation with IVANAhelsinki.”

”Itella has been a familiar and safe logistics cooperation partner for years,” explains IVANAhelsinki Producer Pirjo Suhonen. ”Itella’s broad-minded and modern views about combining attractive visual elements with their services and products were the basic starting points for the cooperation. Through it, we can concretely bring beauty to people’s everyday lives and celebrations. A fine example of what the cooperation has produced so far is the De Luxe Telegram. It combines the traditional and dignified manner of congratulating people with an edgy yet beautiful visual approach.”

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Itella Group, Director Tarja Pääkkönen, tel. +358 40 510 3222
IVANAhelsinki, Producer Pirjo Suhonen, tel. +358 50 347 6131

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IVANAhelsinki is a Finnish art brand established in 1998 that has become a globally known brand in ten years. IVANAhelsinki’s best recognised product line is the IVANAhelsinki design clothes line, designed by Paola Suhonen. The products represent the ethical luxury product category. IVANAhelsinki’s design combines fashion, art and design in a broad-minded manner. IVANAhelsinki products are available in 25 countries.