Already 105 million Itella iPost letters sent - With the service, companies can easily adopt electronic invoicing


In 2008, a total of 105 million Itella Information iPost letters were sent all around Europe. Most of the letters were sent in Finland, where the service has been in use since the 1990s.

In the iPost service, companies deliver material – such as invoices, customer newsletters or payslips – in electronic form to Itella. Itella Information then prints out the material, puts it into envelopes and delivers it using the method preferred by the recipient, that is, either on paper via regular mail or in electronic format. The service speeds up the information flow from the sender to the recipient, and boosts the operations of the sending organization. Routine tasks, such as enveloping and mailing, are carried out by Itella in a secure way, and the company is responsible for providing the content.

During 2008, iPost was extended to cover Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. At the moment, iPost is also being introduced in eastern Central Europe, as Itella Information has launched operations in Slovakia.

In Finland, iPost also is an easy way for companies to adopt electronic invoicing.

“When sending material, the customer does not have to know whether the recipient would like to receive a paper or an electronic invoice. Delivering the file in electronic format is enough, and we will take care of delivery, on paper or in electronic format,” says Miikka Savolainen, Director, Itella Information, iPost Services.

Getting started with iPost is easy, as this can also be done online. In 2008, almost 50% of new contracts were signed online. The website also provides a calculator with which companies can figure out prices for letter production and delivery with iPost, or for carrying out the tasks manually at the company.

Further information:
Miikka Savolainen, Director, Itella Information, tel. +358 40 753 6484
Satu Linkola, Itella communications contact person, tel. +358 400 967 836

Itella Information boosts the efficiency of financial information flows and leads the way in electronic invoicing in Europe. Services comprise solutions for the efficient processing of incoming invoices within the organisation, and for cost-effective sending of invoices, electronically or on paper. Itella Information operates in more than ten European countries with a staff of circa 2,000 professionals. Net sales in 2007 amounted to EUR 201 million. Itella Information business group is part of Itella Group. For further information, please visit