Stamps in honour of Mika Waltari and Kimi Räikkönen


On 5 September, a total of 11 new stamps will come out in four separate issues. Two of the issues are miniature sheets. One of them celebrates author Mika Waltari, who was born a century ago this year, and the other honours the 2007 Formula One World Champion, Kimi Räikkönen. The same batch features a stamp booklet about dogs and a fireworks stamp, which Finland Post uses to demonstrate the new Personalised stamp frame and to underline two birthdays: this year, Finland’s postal service is 370 and the Personalised stamp is 5 years old.

Humility - passion

The miniature stamp sheet dedicated to Mika Waltari (1908–1979) has two €0.80 stamps. One of the stamps bears a black-and-white photograph of the writer (Finlandia-Arkisto Oy) and the words Nöyryys – intohimo (Humility – passion). The other shows a cover illustration by graphic artist Eeli Jaatinen for a detective novel published in 1940 Komisario Palmun erehdys (Inspector Palmu’s Mistake, WSOY). The miniature sheet was designed by Päivi Vainionpää.

Waltari is among the foremost Finnish authors of the 20th century. His extensive oeuvre includes novels and poetry, fairy stories and prose, as well as travelogues, plays and film scripts. He made his international breakthrough with his novel The Egyptian. A major film of its time was made of the book in Hollywood in 1954. The Egyptian and Inspector Palmu’s Mistake have often won polls of favourite books in Finland, most recently this year. A stamp of The Egyptian was issued in 1997 and another of Waltari’s comic strip Kieku ja Kaiku was issued in 1996.

Works by Waltari have so far been translated into 41 languages. Of these, 36 are listed on the margins of the miniature sheet.

“Kimi Räikkönen F1 World Champion ’07”

The miniature sheet proclaiming the Formula One 2007 world championship of Kimi Räikkönen depicts the conquering hero himself, his car and his team, Ferrari of Italy. The following text stands proudly in the middle of the issue: F1 World Champion ’07 Kimi Räikkönen. Below the text there is a longer than usual stamp featuring Räikkönen’s 2007 car. On the other stamp in the issue, in the upper right corner of the miniature sheet, Räikkönen celebrates his victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix. The Ferrari logo dominates the lower left corner of the miniature sheet. They are both 1st class non-value indicator stamps.

Kimi Räikkönen, 28, started his F1 career in 2001 with the Swiss Sauber team. During the 2002–2006 racing seasons he drove a British McLaren, twice winning silver in the world championship. His world championship came during his first season with Ferrari. Räikkönen is currently aiming for his second world championship. The present season is extremely tight and the defending champ is well placed in the fray.

The miniature sheet will be presented to Räikkönen in person one day before their official issue date at Belgian Spa, where the next race in the season’s championship will be held three days later.

The miniature sheet was designed by Antti Raudaskoski. (Photographer Callo/Ferrari)

Faithful companions, incomparable helpers

The new Dog stamp booklet features six popular breeds. In the upper left corner of the strip of stamps there is an illustration of the Finnish national breed, the Finnish Spitz, a vigorous and brave hunting dog and an alert guard for the home. In the right upper corner there is the loyal and dependable boxer, which serves as a companion, guard and working dog. Between them is a rough collie. This beautiful and amiable shepherd dog is today more often a family pet or a breed enthusiast’s dog. In the lower left corner of the strip of stamps there is an illustration of a Finnish hound. This type was bred in Finland with the aim of a calm and energetic helper for hunting hares and foxes. The Finnish hound has long been the commonest breed of dog in Finland. The stamp next to it is dedicated to the King Charles spaniel. This merry and charming dog makes a perfect family pet and a friend for hobbyists. In the lower right corner of the sheet there is a lively Jack Russell terrier. This breed was originally developed to drive foxes and other game from their burrows. Today most Jack Russell terriers are companions or kept by breed enthusiasts. The 1st class stamps were drawn by Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen.

New Personalised stamp frame and model stamp

The range of Finland Post’s Personalised stamp frames will get even bigger on 5 September. The web-based Personalised stamp service will offer a new stamp frame designed by Johannes Nieminen. Personalised stamps bearing your own electronic pictures can be ordered at the website

Johannes Nieminen has also designed a 1st class Fireworks non-value indicator stamp in which the new Personalised stamp frame has been used as a model. This picture subject celebrates Finland Post’s 370th and the Personalised stamp's 5th anniversary.

The Fireworks stamp will not be sold at Finland Post’s retail outlets. It can be bought from Finland Post’s web shop ( or ordered from the Philatelic Centre’s customer service office (Tel. + 358 20 451 5522, fax + 358 20 451 5580, email:

After the new frame is issued, customers will have the choice of seven varieties of frame for their Personalised stamps. Personalised stamps on which the customer can have his or her own photo can be ordered electronically at the website

Further information on the stamps can be obtained from the Philatelic Centre, Director Markku Penttinen, Tel. +358 20 451 5519, email: