Norway Post’s and Itella’s information logistics services combined into a new joint venture in Norway


Norway Post and Itella are to establish a joint venture in Norway. After this transaction, Itella will own 51 percent and Norway Post 49 percent of Itella Information AS. Itella Information’s services in Norway, together with Norway Post’s services in the field of information logistics, will be combined into Itella Information AS. The company’s net sales will total approximately €25 million (200 million NOK). The deal is conditional and requires the approval of the Competition Authorities.

The aim of the joint venture is to make Itella Information AS into the leading information logistics company in Norway. Itella Information provides services for the processing, management and delivery of information flows.

Norway Post’s current operations relating to information logistics will be transferred to the joint venture.

- This is part of the implementation of the Norway Post Group’s strategy, and is a proactive measure which will make the new joint venture a leading player in the industry in Norway, says Lars Tendal, Senior Vice President of the Post Division, Norway Post.

- This is the next step in the execution of Itella’s strategy in Northern Europe. In January, Itella bought the business operations of BusinessPoint S.A. in Poland.  We believe that, through cooperation and common solutions, we will provide the strongest value proposal to our Norwegian customers, says Heikki Länsisyrjä, Senior Vice President, Itella Group.

For more information:
Heikki Länsisyrjä, Senior Vice President, Itella Group, tel. +358 50 558 7801.
Lars Tendal, Senior Vice President , Posten Norge, tel. +47 911 65 831.
Satu Linkola, communications, tel. +358 0400 967 836.