NetPosti to be integrated with S-Bank’s online bank


S-Bank offers a new way to manage eInvoices

S-Bank and Itella have concluded a cooperation agreement to integrate Itella’s electronic transaction service NetPosti with S-Bank’s online bank.

- Via NetPosti, we will be able to make eInvoices, looking exactly the same as traditional paper invoices, available in our online bank alongside other electronic documents, such as payslips, sent as letters. This will render our online bank more diverse than ever before”, says Pekka Ylihurula, managing director of S-Bank.

He is confident that the use of eInvoices will become increasingly more common once electronic invoice data becomes as easy to read as a paper version.

According to Jukka Alho, Itella President & CEO, this cooperation, which combines online bank transactions with electronic official communication, will make everyday transactions more fluent.

- Consumers can manage the entire invoice process in one service, from receiving an invoice to paying and archiving it. It is great that the S-Bank is developing its online bank in such an unbiased, completely new way”, comments Mr Alho.

According to Mr Ylihurula, Itella’s determined efforts to develop electronic transactions further and the ability to manage large customer volumes, alongside the positive feedback received from NetPosti users, made it easy to start cooperation.

This partnership will make an electronic, intelligent archive available for S-Bank customers via the online bank.

- Important official documents, such as invoices, insurance agreements, payslips and warranty receipts will remain archived, free of charge in an organised manner, in one place for the statutory period of six years required by the tax authorities”, concludes Antero Sarén, Senior Vice President in charge of Itella’s NetPosti service.

For further information, please contact:
Antero Sarèn, Vice President, NetPosti services, Itella Corporation, tel. +358 40 826 8649,
Pekka Ylihurula, Managing Director, S-Bank, tel. +358 10 76 82100, +358 50 388 3800

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