Itella tests automated parcel terminal also in Estonia


Itella aims for Estonia's consumer parcel markets

Itella is the first in Estonia to test an automated parcel terminal, which offers a new way for consumers to pick up their parcels. The three-month pilot project will be launched in co-operation with Hobby Hall on 10 March in Tallinn's Rimi shopping centre.

‘Itella Logistics operates in eight countries. Until now, the national postal operator of the destination country has been the primary party in charge of delivering Itella’s parcels to consumers outside Finland. The automated parcel terminal pilot is the first step for us toward delivering parcels to consumers through our own network even outside Finland. We will test the functionality of the automated parcel terminal concept in Estonia in the same way as in the pilot project in Itäkeskus, Helsinki, announced a week ago. It has received very positive feedback,’ explains Aku Happo, the director of Itella's Express and Parcel Business.
At the same time, Itella will launch delivery of parcels in Estonia through R-kiosks – within a month, co-operation will commence with three indoor R-kiosks in Tallinn.

For further information, please contact

Aku Happo, Director, Itella Logistics, at tel. +358 40 562 7065

The automated parcel terminal offers the opportunity to pick up a parcel at the time that best suits the customer, even at night. The terminals are usually located along consumers' daily routes, such as in shopping centres and at traffic junctions. It may take no more than 30 seconds to pick up a parcel from a terminal.

A centralised data system controls the operations of the automated parcel terminal. Typically, a terminal consists of approximately 50–100 parcel lockers, the size and quantity of which can be flexibly altered. The customer receives an electronic message – e.g., an SMS message – informing of a parcel that has arrived. The parcel can be picked up by identifying oneself at the terminal, e.g., with a chip card or a PIN code. The safety and usability of the terminal's interface corresponds to that of an automatic teller machine.