Itella Information joins European electronic invoicing network


Itella Information has been accepted as a member of EXPP Summit, a co-operative organisation, which disseminates information on processes related to e-invoicing and payment management. The members of the organisation and companies participating in its activities are leading European e-invoicing service providers. Itella is one of seven member companies, while another Finnish participant is TietoEnator. The organisation’s aim is to assist companies in identifying the best e-invoicing solutions, thereby achieving cost savings.

- Itella Information currently functions as an e-invoicing operator in as many as nine European countries. Participation in the activities of organisations and consortiums such as EXPP Summit is important to Itella, since this provides it with a channel for receiving information on e-invoicing in Europe, and for sharing its experiences with others. Itella is currently engaged in exporting its inter-company e-invoicing solution to Norway and Estonia, says Director Heikki Länsisyrjä, who is in charge of Itella’s information logistics operations.

In an environment undergoing internationalisation, information provided by the EXPP Summit on supranational solutions, models and systems in the area of e-invoicing is considered important.

- Itella Information’s e-invoicing portal,, has changed as many as 12% of Estonia’s consumer invoices to electronic format. In Finland, only approximately 2% of consumer invoices are e-invoices. I believe that sharing the experiences of different countries will benefit all parties concerned, says Länsisyrjä.


Further information:
Heikki Länsisyrjä, Director of Itella Information -business group, Itella Information, tel. + 358 50 558 7801.