Itella Information expands to Poland


Itella Group is expanding to Poland. Itella Information has signed an agreement on acquiring the business operations of BusinessPoint S.A, a Polish company specialising in printing and document management. The deal is conditional, requiring e.g. the approval of the Polish competition authorities. Vendors are the owners of the company and they will continue in Itella’s service. BusinessPoint is one of the largest service providers in its field in Poland, posting net sales of approximately €15 million in 2006 and employing a staff of 100 permanent employees.

- For some time now, Itella Information has been investigating the possibilities of expanding into the Polish market. In Poland, the outsourcing of printing and document management operations is only in its initial stages, and expansion into new, growing markets in Poland is a natural direction for Itella Information’s growth, comments Heikki Länsisyrjä, business group director at Itella Information.

- This deal allows us to create even more innovative services for the Polish market. Itella Information is an experienced service operator in the field of information logistics, and we can benefit from that experience and develop new services, particularly in the fields of e-invoicing and e-transactions, says Jacek Zaremba, Managing Director of BusinessPoint S.A.

Itella Information, part of Itella Group, has operations besides Finland in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Baltic countries.  Itella Information’s 2006 net sales totalled €200 million and its number of employees is 1,600. The company specialises in organisations’ invoicing processes, supply chain management and the automation of document handling.

Besides companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Baltic countries Itella Group operates also in Russia where Itella opened a logistics centre last year. Poland will be the tenth country where Itella operates.

Further information:
Heikki Länsisyrjä, Director of Itella Information -business group, Itella Information, tel. + 358 50 558 7801.
Jacek Zaremba, Managing Director, BusinessPoint S.A. tel, +48 502 777  401.