Posti’s in-house logistics companies Flexo and Transval integration


– Finland’s largest in-house logistics company has 4,600 professionals and an extensive range of services

Posti’s in-house logistics companies Flexo and Transval are set to integration on April 1, 2019. After Flexo’s integration, Finland’s largest in-house logistics company Transval will have more than 4,600 logistics professionals who offer the market’s largest range of services.

“The synergies reached with the integration will benefit customers in both companies. Our customers will have access to 4,600 logistics professionals in Finland and the Baltic countries. Together with Posti, Transval offers customers a unique and comprehensive range of logistics outsourcing solutions, such as transport, warehousing, in-house logistics at the customer’s premises and the flexible use of professionals,” explains Harri Kämppä, Vice President, Logistics Outsourcing Solutions, Posti.

Posti updated its strategy in 2017, and the company continues its determined efforts aimed at renewal and pursues growth in especially parcels, e-commerce and logistics services. That is why Posti acquired the in-house logistics pioneer Transval in early 2019 and received approximately 3,300 logistics professionals as well as more than 300 customers to its company to strengthen its logistics-related growth. Transval’s net sales in 2018 were approximately EUR 132 million. Posti has previously successfully challenged the companies already on the market by establishing the in-house logistics company Flexo almost two years ago. Today, Flexo has approximately 1,300 direct employees.

The integration of Flexo and Transval has no effect on customers’ current contracts or services, and the integration requires no action from customers. There is also no need for personnel reductions in connection with the integration. In-house logistics are offered to customers under the Transval name and brand. Transval operates as an independent company.