Posti Annual Review 2018 has been published


Posti Group Corporation has published its Sustainability Report 2018. The Annual Review includes the audited consolidated financial statements, the Board of Directors’ Report, the Sustainability Report, the Corporate Governance Statement and the Remuneration Statement for 2018.

Posti’s Sustainability Report describes the actions taken by Posti during the year to make progress towards its targets in the areas of economic, social and environmental responsibility. As in previous years, this report is based on the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, but the structure of this year’s report emphasizes the customer perspective.

“In Finland alone, Posti comes into contact with nearly 2.8 million consumers on a daily basis and serves some 200,000 business customers each year. The results of stakeholder and brand surveys indicate that, from the customer perspective, responsibility is primarily associated with Posti’s quality of operations, keeping promises, reliability and continuity. In our report, we have aimed to address these issues frequently raised by customers and stakeholders,” says Posti’s Head of Sustainability Noomi Jägerhorn.

Financial Statements 2018

Sustainability Report 2018

Corporate Governance Statement

Remuneration Statement