Posti Group´s shares to Vake Oy


The Finnish government has decided today to transfer immediately 49.9 per cent of the shares of Posti Group Corporation to ownership of State Business Development Company Vake Oy. After this 50.1 per cent of Posti’s shares remains in the State’s direct ownership. The transfer of ownership has no effect on Posti´s position and business.

In 2016 Parliament decided that 49.9 percent of the ownership of Posti can be transferred to Vake Oy with a separate decision by the Government plenary session. The Finnish State can decrease its ownership in Posti, but its share of ownership must remain at 50.1 percent at a minimum.

The role of the Vake is to promote high technology business activities and projects that have a significant positive impact on Finland's industrial structure, domestic ownership, future competences, prosperity and security in the global economy.

Decision-making on the ownership and development of assets transferable remains with the Government. The Ownership Steering Department of the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible of ownership policy of transferred ownership of Posti.