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Social Responsibility

Posti’s most significant task in society is to ensure a smooth daily life for Finnish consumers and businesses. Each weekday, we visit the front door of some 2.8 million Finns, and we serve approximately 200,000 business customers per year.

Our well-functioning and efficient infrastructure enables us to provide reliable services for all of our customer groups in a socially responsible manner. We deal ethically, openly, and transparently with all of our stakeholders. We use various channels to provide our stakeholders with information and enable them to interact with us.

Posti is the largest logistics company in Finland. We have nearly 400,000 m² in warehousing capacity in Finland, more than 4,000 vehicles, and we drive over 100 million kilometers on Finnish roads every year. We offer the most comprehensive nationwide logistics network. The strategy in parcel services is to act as an enabler of online shopping for Finnish companies and consumers.

Our basic business is undergoing a transformation as digitization erodes letter and publication delivery volumes. Letter and publication delivery volumes are declining by some 10% annually, and it is estimated that letter delivery volumes will fall to half of their current level by the end of the decade. Nevertheless, providing premium mail services to everyone across the country is our main mission in Finland.

Society’s commitment to sustainability

The Finland we want by 2050 ─ Society's commitment to sustainability contains a vision and objectives and principles on how to ensure a good life for both current and future generations.

Organisations, companies and private individuals can give operational commitments to sustainable development and ideas on implementing sustainable development. Posti has committed to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020.

Finnish service

The Association for Finnish Work has granted Posti Ltd membership in the association and the right to use the Key Flag symbol. The Key Flag stands for Finnish work and indicates that the service has been produced or the product has been manufactured in Finland using Finnish labor. Read more.

Innovative Posti Home Services rewarded

Postal Technology International Awards 2016 granted the New Business Diversification of the Year award to Posti Home Services.

In 2015, Posti meal deliveries were granted the PostEurop Corporate Social Responsibility award.