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Stakeholder engagement

Posti wants to engage in active dialogue with various stakeholders as part of our day-to-day operations. Through stakeholder engagement and cooperation, we obtain important feedback about our services, information on stakeholder expectations toward Posti and insights into our customers’ new service needs. Stakeholder dialogue helps us develop and improve our services. Through open communication, we also want to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information about Posti, its operations and the industry’s regulatory and operating environment, which are subject to major changes that are important to discuss and explain through transparent communication.

Posti’s closest stakeholders are customers, employees, employee and employer organizations, the owner, political decision-makers, the authorities, business partners, interest groups, environmental organizations, postal industry organizations and the media.

Posti conducted an extensive stakeholder survey in November 2018 to poll Finnish consumers’ and decision-makers’ views on issues ranging from the future of mail delivery to the regulatory reform of the postal industry and the sustainability of Posti’s operations. The survey was completed by 2,106 respondents, of whom 1,935 were consumers. A total of 171 respondents were decision-makers.

The participants were asked to share their views on how Posti’s operations should be reformed as digitalization transforms the industry. More than 60% of the participating consumers indicated that the most important aspect of the reforms is to maintain the profitability of Posti’s operations in order to keep them from having to be funded by tax revenue. One in two of the surveyed consumers were of the opinion that the delivery of letters and publications must be supported by state funding, if necessary. Among the decision-makers, this view was expressed by 58% of the respondents.

As many as 67% of decision-makers were of the opinion that, in the face of declining paper mail volumes, delivering letters 2-3 days per week is sufficient. Among the consumers, nearly half (45%) were in favor of reducing the number of delivery days.

Decision-makers were also asked to indicate the key priorities in the next round of regulatory reforms concerning the postal industry. Securing postal services throughout the country was highlighted as the most important issue. Taking consumers’ new service needs into consideration emerged as the second-highest priority.

The most important sustainability-related themes highlighted by the respondents concerned social responsibility: ensuring confidentiality and information security for customers, equal and non-discriminatory treatment of employees and customers as well as ethical and transparent operations. In the area of environmental responsibility, the most important themes were identified as the energy and material efficiency of operations as well as reducing transport emissions through the use of renewable fuels and new vehicle technologies, for example.

Focus on measuring the customer experience

Posti requests feedback from its customers on a continuous basis to support the development of its operations. In recent years, we have developed our measurement of customer satisfaction and adopted new customer satisfaction indicators.

Posti joins Postal Operations Council

Posti participates in the work of the Postal Operations Council (POC) in 2017-2020, representing Finland. POC consists of 40 member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

The POC will focus on the renewal of UPU product portfolio and developing the related remuneration systems and quality of service requirements. The body is also responsible for developing postal processes and standards.